Marriage and Couples Counseling

Are you tired of having that same old fight? Do you feel stuck and unhappy? We can help. Relationships can be challenging. Dr. Easterly, Clinical Director of Life Source, Inc., has written many Valuable Articles on Marriage Counseling & Family Therapy. All Life Source therapists can assist couples in implementing these relationship rules to better their relationship. Our team of therapists can help get your relationship back on track. We can help solve the problem, end the tension, and find a new perspective.


  • I’m currently going through a divorce and I as myself would not like this to go though. My wife is struggling do make her decision in this situation and has been battling depression. I have reached my heart out for her and been trying to bring her attention about how important she is to everyone.

    Jonathan Johnson
  • Hi we are seeking couples counseling.

    Kristal Raymond

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