Parenting: No Simple Task

It’s conception and the takeover begins. Menses ends. Life becomes seasick and the waistline swells signaling that life will never again be the same. Pregnancy, surprise or sought after event, forever changes the landscape of the couple’s life. A brand new person is in the making preparing to tackle the challenges of overcoming the odds of life in order to survive and greater odds in order to thrive. The parents, in wonder, listen to the little heart beat and feel the baby kicking and moving. The newest member of the family is quickly becoming the center of attention as life begins to revolve around its preparation to enter this world. What can be compared to the sweetness of a new born infant? Its shrill complaint after its lungs fill with air announces that the arriving accommodations are not what was expected and things had better improve. Now, the takeover is complete. Every need of the child is anticipated and provided promptly. The variations in its cries and sounds are quickly understood and responded to without hesitation. New mothers and fathers must learn quickly. Experienced parents respond to the takeover knowing what is ahead.

A long series of life-cycle tasks lay in front of this infant. Each life-cycle task must be mastered in order for the child to successfully begin the next life-cycle task. This child has approximately 19-20 years to master the art and skills required to live successfully as an independent adult. The parents are the mentors, teachers and practice dummies of the child. The goal is for the child to become an independent, self-directed, intelligent, wise and responsible adult. This is no simple task for the parents who frequently could benefit from some coaching in the art of parenting. If you need assistance in dealing with the challenge of parenting, give us a call. We want to help.

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